Marijuana is a narcotic drug that the current generation and more especially the youths have decided to use for various reasons best known to them. It is also quite important to note that most cannabis consumers take bhang abusively. Few people use weed for medical benefits following a prescription by a medical expert. This explains why bhang consumption in the society is regarded a vice and a sign for lack of moral scruples. Although the society is practically judgmental over certain issues, one can obviously wonder how it is possible to single out a person using marijuana for medical purpose and the one abusing it or using it for pleasure. Although the grounds to identify between the two could be different and perplexing, the physical apparition is more important in defining the inner self of a person. 

Why Marijuana 

Bhang being a narcotic drug help relieve pain and makes the body feel more relaxed. It usually contains cannabinoid, which is a protein in nature and help one feel less anxious and worn out. This is functional through the cannabinoid receptors in the brain which are triggered once an impulse is send to the brain and react appropriately since the brain is part of the central nervous system, and that is where a lot of synapses is send to stimulate body metabolism through the receptors. Through this, one is able to experience a body tranquility and in the case of severe headache, the person involved gets relieved. This is however effective in moderated consumption of marijuana which is through medical prescription. 


1.Smoking cannabis makes the subject more relaxed and comfortable. 

2. Cannabis usually has no side effects as opposed to the over-the-counter drugs. 

3.Smoking weed reduces anxiety through reducing tension and unnecessary hallucinations. 

4. Once a person smokes bhang, all the pain they were experiencing gets relieved as in the case of a severe headache. 

5. It is readily available and affordable to people of all social classes. 


1. Excessive consumption could harm the users’ central nervous system and cause insanity in its adverse effects. 

2. When bhang is smoked in large an unregulated amount, it damages the lungs. 

3. Smoking weed damages the heart 

Marijuana could be harmful to the body but once consumed under a medical prescription, it may be more effective and trustworthy to relieve migraines compared to other drugs regarded as pain relievers and in the same category as bhang. It could also be more available and cheaper than some of the over-the-counter drugs and less severe as far as side effects are concerned. It should be however noted clearly and with more concern that bhang is only useful when used under a medical censorship. Excessive consumption is harmful to one’s health and risks damaging of vital body organs like the heart. 

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