How to Choose A Vacation Rental Investment Property

How to Choose A Vacation Rental Investment Property

There are many vacation properties available for sale but choosing the right one will determine the success you have with your vacation property investment. Here big is not always the preferred choice because renters will come with a budget in mind and they are not willing to alter their budget to fit into yours. This is why you need to do your homework before investing in a vacation property to know what the renters in that particular region are looking for. FIABCI It is recommended that you invest in a vacation rental in an area that you love to visit yourself. This will give you the upper hand in providing the best services for your renters because you understand exactly what they need. Here are some of the considerations to have in mind when choosing a vacation rental investment property.

Amenities – the amenities required for a vacation property change from one region to another. For instance, in a lake region properties along the lake will provide access to the water and a docking station because as the visitors to the area will need that amenity. If your property is near mountainous regions where people come to ski you might need to provide a fire place that can help keep them warm and ski in – ski out capabilities. For the hot regions a pool will be a great amenity to have. Besides such amenities, also ensure that the usual amenities like water, electricity, and others are fitted in your house.

Quality of the property – for a vacation home, buying and fixing the property can be problematic because of the timing required. It is therefore advisable that you purchase a property that is already in a very good state not requiring you to be making any major changes or repairs anytime soon. You can imagine the losses you can incur if you were to be repairing your vacation home during the peak season. Always go for the best quality.

Location of the property – this is a very key element when choosing your property. The location should be one that is near to popular tourist destination. The location of your property should also make it easy for the tourists to enjoy the local area that they have visited. In order to decide on a good location it is best that you decide on one that you love to visit yourself so that you have a proper understanding of the area and how your property keeps the tourists comfortable.

Property type and size – there isn’t a favorite property type or size that tourists prefer over another. This is because usually the bookings are determined by the budget the traveller has and the amenities that you are providing. For vacation homes however you might find that running a small one might be more beneficial because it will be in the budget of many travellers rather than running a big five bedroomed house that will be really expensive. Again this all depends on how well you understand the area and the needs of the tourists there. 

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