It is worth noting from the onset that traveling with cannabis across the United States of America is prohibited in the country. Therefore, whenever you opt to carry some marijuana with you when traveling across states, you need to be very careful so as not to be caught and ruin your travel or road trip. Some of the penalties that you could be slapped with once you are caught traveling with cannabis include paying fines, serving a jail term for the extreme states, or your cannabis being thrown away. This article will, therefore, delve into the frequently asked questions on traveling with cannabis in the USA, so that you can make an informed decision when deciding whether to carry your cannabis along with you or not. 

How much cannabis should I travel with?
You need to note from the onset that traveling with cannabis across the USA is prohibited. This being the case, you should at all times ensure you carry with you the lowest amount of cannabis that you can be able to. This is because carrying small amounts of cannabis when traveling will enable you to avoid the local authorities nests of arresting those travelling with cannabis. The standard and most effective amount of cannabis that you could carry is one ounce. 

Where is the best place to hide my cannabis? 
Whenever you are traveling with cannabis across the United States of America, it would be wise of you to hide your cannabis in a safe place where the local authorities cannot find it. Therefore, it is upon you to decide where you will hide your cannabis. The location where you will protect your cannabis is determined by the amount that you need to travel with. For instance, in case you want to visit across the country with five blunts of cannabis, you can easily hide them in your cigarette pack. 

What are the penalties if I get caught? 
Whenever the TSA catches you with cannabis, they refer you to the local authorities who will use the local cannabis laws to charge you. In case you are found guilty of the charge, you may be sentenced to a jail term, be asked to pay a certain amount of money as fines, your cannabis may be disposed, or you may go scot-free if the state that you are traveling to is lenient with cannabis laws. 

Can I drive with cannabis? 
Driving with cannabis is travelling with cannabis across the country. Therefore, it does not matter whether you fly, you drive, you cycle, or even walk, as long as you are traveling with cannabis in your possession across states, then you are eligible for going with cannabis penalties. 

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